EAWIN Career Discovery 2015 – Annual Fundraiser

A project of the EAWIN, the EAWIN Career Discovery, held annually, is an industry-led initiative that pulls together regional industries and businesses to create a hands-on interactive career discovery experience that links careers to the classroom. Public and private schools eighth grade students (usually 13-14 years old), from throughout EAWIN Region 8, have an opportunity to visit their favorite industry sectors and learn about careers available close to home. Each student receives an EAWIN Career Discovery Student Guide, which includes information on sample occupations, educational requirements, average salaries, and information on the event’s career clusters. The 2016 event is expected to host over 4,000 students, teachers, counselors, parent chaperones, volunteers, sponsors, partners, and exhibitors.

Funders are contributing to EAWIN, the sponsoring organization, and will be recognized at the 2016 event in a number of different ways depending on contribution level.  Examples of recognition may include logos posted on the event website and recognition through social media, event signage, the student booklet, backpacks, and t-shirts. Contact Alfred J. Davis, Sr. at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (334) 745-6437, Ext. 5496

for more information. For more information, click here for the Annual Fundraiser Benefit Package.

For more information:

Alfred J. Davis, Sr. 
EAWIN Executive Director
Center for Integrated Manufacturing
1701 LaFayette Parkway
Opelika, Alabama 36801
334.745.6437 ext. 5496

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