Vision and Mission

Our Vision

A high-qualified and available workforce that can support existing and new business and industry.

Our Mission

To facilitate a workforce development system that educates, trains, and prepares a workforce to attain economic prosperity for Region 8.

Background: Alabama's Workforce Development System

In 2006, Alabama Governor Bob Riley, recognized that Alabama's workforce development efforts were fragmented and that the State was not getting maximum benefit from its workforce development resources, created the State Workforce Planning Council made up of State agency heads and representatives of industry and education. The State Planning Council was and is charged with creating a workforce development system characterized by coordinated planning, budgeting, and resource allocations. The Governor's Office of Workforce Development (GOWD) was also created. Under the direction from the State Planning Council, GOWD manages the system so that resources and strategies are aligned to meet priority needs.

As part of GOWD strategy, the State was divided into ten regions, including The East Alabama Workforce Investment Network (EAWIN), Region 8. Ten Regional Workforce Development Councils were established to provide a direct link to the workforce needs of business and industry at the local level. The Councils are business-driven and business-led and work with their member counties to develop a regional strategic plan and comprehensive workforce development system that supports local economic and job development activities. Councils are responsible for approving community college applications in their respective regions and submitting those applications for funding through the Governor's Office of Workforce Development further ensuring alignment of resources to meet local needs and address local priorities.

EAWIN is a nonprofit workforce development organization who partners with industries, businesses, educational institutions, workforce planners, and regional developers (such as economic development organizations, chambers, utilities, etc.) to build a better workforce and improve economic conditions in the region. Why? Here at EAWIN, we understand that a skilled, well-prepared workforce drives economic prosperity. Successfully developing a workforce requires the right training, recruiting, hiring, and planning. A strong economy ensures the ability of each person to achieve self-sufficiency.

For more information:

Alfred J. Davis, Sr. 
EAWIN Executive Director
Center for Integrated Manufacturing
1701 LaFayette Parkway
Opelika, Alabama 36801
334.745.6437 ext. 5496

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