The EAWIN’s work has a long-term impact on East Alabama communities by:

  • Increasing individuals’ self-sufficiency and economic prosperity through employment and skills development;
  • Aligning educational, business, and industry partners with the workforce system for effective use of workforce resources
  • Bringing workforce development grant fund dollars to Region 8
  • Ensuring that young people are introduced to the numerous career opportunities in businesses and industries in Region 8; and
  • Bringing employers, jobseekers, youth, educators, community organizations, state agencies, and other non-profits together to find – and fund – solutions to workforce gaps

The focus areas of our Work are:

  • Workforce Development
    • We bring together employers, educators, economic developers, workforce professionals to find solutions to workforce issues in specific industries such as construction, healthcare, manufacturing, service, and tourism.
  • Marketing and Communication
    • We improve and develop new marketing tools to re-engage the stakeholders of the region and promote outreach efforts for citizens of Region 8.
  • Relationships and Partnerships
    • We work to develop and maintain strategic partnerships within Region 8.

For more information:

Alfred J. Davis, Sr. 
EAWIN Executive Director
Center for Integrated Manufacturing
1701 LaFayette Parkway
Opelika, Alabama 36801
334.745.6437 ext. 5496

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