Lowering Employment Barriers

Many job seekers in our region find meaningful employment. However, we recognize that many people still face barriers to locating and retaining employment opportunities.

Those with limited English language skills, older workers, low-income workers, people with disabilities, and even veterans encounter barriers to employment. EAWIN recognizes that employment initiatives to address these barriers are imperative to sustaining a well-trained workforce in Region 8.

Limited English Skills
People with limited English skills, including immigrants, face significant challenges in the workplace. Regional ESL Training Sites and ESL Agency Websites help to ensure that the most vulnerable populations within this area take the first step onto a new career ladder.

Older Workers
As the Baby Boom generation ages, people over 50 will become a greater percentage of the workforce. More and more of these workers will reach retirement age with fewer younger employees to replace them. On the other hand, many workers over 50 have not planned for retirement or not planning to retire. They also represent a potential contribution to the workplace. 

EAWIN, industries, businesses, economic developers, workforce development agencies, government agencies, and colleges and universities in Region 8 are positioned to address mature worker issues and launch initiatives aimed at this workforce.

The Working Poor
Even in good economic times, thousands of working people struggle to make ends meet. The EAWIN has identified this as a focus area.

People with Disabilities
People with disabilities who are unemployed or underemployed represent a potential contribution to the workplace. EAWIN encourages accessible and customized services to these individuals.

Recently separated veterans and veterans who serve on active duty during a war or in a campaign, including those who are classified as disable, also represent a potential contribution to the workplace.

For more information:

Alfred J. Davis, Sr. 
EAWIN Executive Director
Center for Integrated Manufacturing
1701 LaFayette Parkway
Opelika, Alabama 36801
334.745.6437 ext. 5496

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