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AIDT’s Total Workforce Delivery System

AIDT’s Total Workforce Delivery System has provided thousands of skilled, motivated employees to Alabama industries since 1971. The key to AIDT’s response is a unique infrastructure allowing the total, upfront commitment of their resources to the success of a company.

AIDT offers comprehensive pre-employment selection and training, leadership development, on-the-job training, continuous/process improvement assessments, maintenance assessments, and industrial safety assessments and training, all specific to a company’s needs. From lead-time planning to program delivery, AIDT rallies its total in-house capabilities to deliver a quality workforce. 

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Alabama Technology Network 

The Alabama Technology Network (ATN) is a part of the Alabama Community College System and the Manufacturing Extension Partnership. ATN can conduct detailed needs assessments, outline potential solutions based on the results, and then provide technical assistance to help an industry and business solve those problems or identify those who can.

ATN links industries and businesses with resources from its network of universities, colleges, businesses, and government to deliver the training needed to be more efficient, more productive, and more competitive. ATN partners with the two-year colleges, The University of Alabama System, and Auburn University to provide services through a variety of training options and methods, and are strategically located throughout the state to provide local points of contact.

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Alabama Training for Existing Business and Industry Network

The Training for Existing Business and Industry Network (TEBIN) is the premier professional development organization for advancing workforce development education in the Alabama College System. 


Alabama Workforce Training System

The Alabama Community College System (ACCS) has pulled together under one umbrella its Workforce Development Division (WDD), 22 community colleges, 4 technical colleges, and 2 statewide workforce-training programs to create the Alabama Workforce Training System.

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